The Barossa Valley – home of the world’s best wine

The Barossa, a picturesque valley of charming towns dotted across a landscape of expansive vineyards, rolling hills, and stunning parks, is home to some of the world’s finest wine.

View of the Barossa from Mengler Hill Lookout

Some 211,000 people visit the Barossa every year, contributing to a powerful local economy of approximately $168 million. It’s a place that welcomes local, domestic and even international tourists with expansive markets, live music, fine arts and performances, crafts, the best in local produce and, of course, fine wine.

Megon Kalicinski, a South African expat, is a wine lover and regular visitor to the Barossa.

“Friends introduced me to the Barossa when I first moved to Adelaide and the fact that it is one of the most popular wine regions in Adelaide,” she said.

Megon has enjoyed visiting both large and boutique wineries, like Artisans of Barossa, Saltram, Chateau Yaldara and Schild Estate, as well as sampling some delectable local produce at the Barossa Valley Cheese Company in Angaston.

Chateau Yaldara

So how does the Barossa compare to wine regions around the world? Well, the wine is simply different.

“Shiraz in the Barossa, for example, has a completely different taste when compared to South African Shiraz. The same goes for the other wine varieties,” says Megon.

Visitors can enjoy the fact that the Barossa still allows free tastings at most of its wineries, which is quite novel compared to many other Australian wine regions and even those around the world.

“At the majority of South African wineries one needs to pay for tastings and only a select few offers free tastings.” That being said, Australians can expect to pay a premium for some of the world’s best wine. As Megon discovered, “wine in Australia is roughly four times more expensive than South African wines.”

In order to get the best out of your trip to the Barossa, plan ahead as there are over 50 wineries in the Barossa and, as Megon recommends, “be open to trying wine varieties that you normally wouldn’t consider back home.”

Autumn in the Barossa

With autumn swathing the Barossa in a spectacular display of colour, and mild weather perfect for travel, now is the ideal time to visit the world renowned region of South Australia.

barossa stats


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