Viva Las Vegas – it’s not just about the gambling

After a worrying dip and plateau in the early 2000s, Las Vegas is experiencing a revival with over 42 million visitors last year. Interestingly, the world’s best known gambling city is seeing less and less people actually spending on gaming. Visitors are still contributing the city’s economy, however, with the Strip earning an average of $7 billion a year. However, visitors are spending almost twice on food, drinks, and entertainment, then they are on gambling.

While the average age of the Las Vegas visitor is 44, it’s the younger crowds that are contributing to this shift. Casinos are responding and they’re still raking in an average of $630,000 per casino per day. How? By putting on more shows, more star performers, and hosting some of the world’s largest conferences.

Lisa Batmina, a young and energetic traveller who made the trip to Vegas as part of her Tour of America, couldn’t get enough of the city that never sleeps. “I loved all of it really – especially the night life!” Lisa told me, adding cheekily that what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas!

Simon Miceli, the Business Development Manager of a large Australian business, visited Las Vegas earlier this year to attend a global gathering of business partners in manufacturing, architectural, and engineering industries. It was the perfect site to meet delegates, enjoy fine food and wine, and check out the very best in entertainment.

“The Strip” taken by Simon Miceli

“Vegas has changed,” he said, “It’s not just about gambling anymore. One minute you could be checking out the sights in a helicopter, and the next you’re in a world class arena meeting with thousands of your peers. It’s a diverse place with, surprisingly, something for everyone.”

Lisa certainly agrees.  “There was always something to do and new to find which kept me going back.”



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